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October 19, 2009
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sell_arrow_1.pngIt’s Time to Close More Deals and Increase Your Revenue with PersonalBrain

Understanding where you are in your sales process and what your next steps should be is critical to your success.

However, with multiple proposals and projects, gaining control of all relevant information can be a challenge.  By creating a Brain your understanding of those many ingredients to win more business becomes instantly visible. Seeing is knowing.

Here are some key strategies that my sales team and Brain customers use to drive revenue with digital thinking. These organizational principles can be applied to PersonalBrain for individual users or BrainEKP for large sales teams.


sell_book.pngCreating Your Sales Playbook

Having the best answers for potential customers is absolutely critical. You can ensure that you and your sales team have everything you need by creating a no limits Sales Playbook with PersonalBrain.



Create Thoughts for Frequently Asked Questions and key promotions. PersonalBrain serves as a visual script for all your best answers.

Your Sales Playbook Thoughts will be used for:

  1. Simplifying complex products and service offerings
  2. Training new sales representatives
  3. Fast and easy RFP and RFI response
  4. Sales scripts and templates for better answers


The notes area in PersonalBrain or Content Window in BrainEKP can be used to view responses. This way you can simply mouse over a Thought and see your template response below.

With PersonalBrain’s drag and drop of files and URLs, all key proposals, sales collateral and supporting information can be connected together for complete integration of all resources.



Integrate all files and track versions of proposals.
Contextualizing Contacts: PersonalBrain and Your CRM Application

As many sales reps know a contact management system is not knowledge management. While great for storing your contacts it’s impossible to aggregate all relevant information resources and gain a broader view on your sales strategy. PersonalBrain is very complimentary to CRM applications and contact management systems because it provides a view of information that goes beyond lists and reports.

Remember, any item with a unique URL can be dragged into your Brain. This means you can even drag and drop people from Facebook, LinkedIn and


Dragging and dropping URLs from Web sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn lets you further contextualize people networks.

So the point here is not to see every single contact in your contact management system in your Brain, but rather to create a context-rich knowledgebase to close more business. You should add contacts in PersonalBrain if you are actively engaged with them and they are part of a key business deal. This way you have instant access to them when they call and you can see how they fit into the bigger picture. By placing key contacts in your Brain you are effectively elevating them above the fray and clutter of your CRM system into a conceptual view of your sales thinking in your PersonalBrain.


sell_people.pngBig Picture Processing: See Your Sales Territories and Deal Cycles Come to Life in Your Brain

One of the key advantages of PersonalBrain’s associative interface is gaining the ability to organize information under many different dimensions. So that new company that fits under multiple vertical markets and that’s also related to some other contacts can be fully connected.

Key Thoughts for Your Sales Brain

  1. Territory Management: See who is operating under what territory.
  2. Prospecting: Make connections to related deals and contacts.
  3. Organizational Intelligence: Visualize business structure and key decision makers.
  4. Leveraging Past Accounts: Cross reference similar deals to leverage existing knowledge.

You can start out by creating Thoughts for key industries and vertical markets that you are targeting.


Your complete market dimensions can be visualized as Thoughts.

Sales reps should be linked to key deals and responsibilities. Connecting people to their area of responsibility helps you manage your team more effectively and stay up to speed on who’s working on what deal.


With this view you can easily see where redundancies in your sales force exist and where new investments need to be made.


 Use Thought types and tags to further organize deals by sales stage and probability of close.

By seeing the complete context for your sales information you will be able to gain new insights into key action items that will help you close more business.


sell_boxing.pngUnderstanding Your Competitive Landscape 

Part of your selling picture is knowing what the competing alternatives are. Relating competitive intelligence to your sales process will ensure that you are ready to respond to any competitive bid. PersonalBrain has no limit to the number of Thoughts and connections you can make. So you can organize your competitors under many different dimensions and categories to capture all aspects of your market space.



Start by dragging and dropping links from competitors’ web sites. Then create an area for key product offerings and features that you can link relevant products under.


sell_trophey.pngBottom line: With Your Sales Brain You Are Ready to Win.

Once you’ve created your Brain you might start to wonder how you survived without one.  Now that everything is connected you are always prepared for the unexpected and have an instant visual briefing of your business landscape.

The best part for me is PersonalBrain’s “Instant Activate” search box. It takes you to any idea, contact, deal or project in seconds.  So when your next potential customer calls, you can just type in their name and get immediately focused on their deal. The instant visibility to where you are in your deal cycle and what your next steps are will be a tremendous help and confidence booster. You will accelerate your sales cycle and win more business by seeing and knowing more.


sell_check.pngSalesBrain Resources to Increase Your Revenue

Watch Now 


Case Study

“My sales have increased by being more efficient and not letting things fall through cracks.

PersonalBrain is a dynamic program… the reality is I can’t remember all the stuff that PersonalBrain tracks for me.

Let alone organize it.”  Learn More

Online Examples

Download PersonalBrain Templates

  • Business Brain:  Includes Sales Playbook Example and Business Development Section

Note: You must download and install PersonalBrain before opening these examples.

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