WebBrain.com Cloud Service Update

October 5, 2011
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WebBrain.com Cloud Service Update

Faster Data Synchronization, RSA Encrypted File Storage and More Online Authoring Features

Sync ServicesTheBrain development team has been working on some exciting WebBrain updates. WebBrain.com, TheBrain’s cloud services for PersonalBrain users, is now faster, more secure and offers even more online authoring features.

Now you can start your Brain online and continue mind mapping there, or download your Brain to your desktop and synchronize with full RSA encryption of your files.

If you are reading this and haven’t visited WebBrain.com check it out and see it in action… If you are already using WebBrain, you will be really psyched about the following new developments.

More Reliable, Secure Storage for Your Data
lockWorried about backing up or losing your Brain? Storage for brains is now redundantly stored automatically in multiple locations for increased reliability.

If security is your concern, WebBrain Services now offers RSA encryption on all attachments, icons, images and notes. And remember your Brain is completely private. Only you and whoever you give sharing access to, can see your Thoughts.

Faster Performance

indexWith the recent switch to HTML 5 WebBrain was already fast and compatible with most browsers. This latest update makes it even faster with optimizations throughout the back end for faster browsing and syncing.

More Powerful Online Authoring
As our development of WebBrain progresses you will notice more and more of the amazing authoring features that you get in our desktop client. Here are the key additions with this update: First, now you can create a new Brain directly from WebBrain without the need to download and install PersonalBrain.  This is important for corporate users without the ability to install software. It also means that if you’re not at your computer you can simply log into your WebBrain account and start a new Brain. Next, Thought gates also enable creating and linking Thoughts using drag and drop, the quintessential authoring experience of TheBrain! A big “Thank You” to TheBrain development team!


Improved Brain Viewing
You’ll also notice that there are a lot of nice updates when viewing Brains online:

  • Thought gates not only enable easier authoring – they instantly show which Thoughts have more content connected to them.
  • WebBrain’s wallpaper now scales to match your settings in PersonalBrain.
  • Thought icons expand fully on mouse-over so viewing large images is easy.
  • Thoughts expand on mouse-over including support for word wrapping.
  • Thoughts can be sorted by name or by type.
  • Finally, Tag and Type Thoughts can now be activated in the plex.

writers Brain backup

WebBrain.com now offers fully expandable icons so viewing Thought images online is quick and easy

Those are just some of the key highlights – there are improvements throughout WebBrain, from additional embedding options, to a streamlined user interface.

Yes…A lot of exciting stuff. I have to admit I love my PersonalBrain desktop client but with this latest update I find myself authoring more Brains online. What’s really great is the ability to have both options – and they work hand in hand. As always, there’s more to come in the future - we’re making WebBrain more powerful every day and updates are free to all users. So what are you waiting for? Put your Brain online today!!

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